After Sales Service Policy:

1. OS-STORE try the best to help each buyer to sort out the issue without sending back the product. If the issue still exist after trying to help each buyer to sort out issue, then the product has to be sent back to Ibuygou.Ibuygou only accept the shipping fees below US$15, please also write around 20USD as the value of the product in invoice. Please also email the receipt of the shipping fees to your customer service executive as soon as you have shipped back the malfuntional products.

2. OS-STORE will look into the product as soon as we have got the returns.If the product issue belongs to buyer,buyer will bare the fees related. If the product itself has the physical issue,OS-STORE will bare the repairing fees and one-round shipping fees, this policy is only valid for 7 days after you receive the order.


3. OS-STORE do not suggest buyer to send back the product for repairing if the product is valued under US$100,on the contrary,OS-STORE will offer the special coupon free of charge to buyer.

4. Once the issue occurs ,buyer has the responsibility to assist OS-STORE's CS team to find out the issue.There are lots of issues that can be sorted out via flash the rom or upgrading.

5.The following conditions are not applied in 1 year warranty

Man-made issue, a
ccessories,clearance products and the smar tphone or tablets are opened by customer.

Return DOA (Dead on Arrival) Item:
Any products , regardless of the guarantee offered, dead on arrival (incorrect usage excluded) within 3 days after delivery or 30 days after shipment if the delivery date is not traceable (The order shipment date and order notification are provided to you by email).

In this case, please kindly provide us with proofs as below:
The photos of original OS-STORE package with front and back sides
The photos or video of the defective item(s)
The photos, video or screenshot showing the mal-function of the defective item(s).

Return Defective Item:
We will try our best to make sure the products shipped to our customers are in the best condition. If your product (only for items without Special Warranty terms in the product description and physical damage or incorrect use excluded) turns out to be defective.

Within 90 days (from the date of shipment):
Policy: Upon being returned, the defective item will be repaired free of charge if no need to change the component like screen,battery,motherboard.Once there is the charges on installing new component,the charges will be on customers.
Detail: The products get damaged (physical damages and damages caused by incorrect usage excluded) within 90 days after shipments (The order shipment date and order notification are provided to you by email). Customer may mail the products back to us. Customer is responsible for both shipping charge.(available tracking number or a screen shot of shipping receipt).

Note for returns:
Return the item(s) by ordinary mail (the cheapest way-post service) with tracking number to the nearest Post Office or EMS; If the mail service with tracking number costs more, you may choose the one without tracking, please be sure to keep the shipping receipt with you after return. PLEASE DO Write 30USD For the value of the returnning items.We will process for you upon receiving the screen shot of your receipt.

After returning the defective product, please kindly provide us with proofs as below:
Photos of the front and back of the packaging envelope or box
Partial shipment slips (if applicable)
Photo, video, screenshot, or description of the defective item
Photo, video, screenshot, or description of the defect or defective area
All customers should contact us by Customer Service Express before returning any item(s)/product(s).

Return Incorrect Item Received:
If the item you received is completely different from the one you ordered, please contact us via our Customer Service Express and provide us the picture proof of the error.
If return is necessary, replacement plus shipping cost reimbursement will be issued to you on receipt of return proof. Please be sure that the incorrect item you returned is in the original package and the merchandise is in the same condition.
For the incorrect item, if you are able to find a use of it and prefer to keep it, you may suggest us and we will offer you a certain discount for buying it.

After receiving the incorrect product, please kindly provide us with proofs as below:
The photos or video of the incorrect item(s)
The photos, video or screen shot showing the mal-function of the defective item(s)
Because different batches of the products supplied, the item logo or packaging you received may vary from the one displayed on our website. If all the functions or appearance of the product proved to be correct, please understand the case will not included in this policy.

Return Unsatisfied Products
You cann't return the unsatisfied products if there is no any physical issue upon recieving products.

OS-STORE Returning address:

 Kevin Chan 
HaoYe Nga Court,Xinhu Road,Xixiang,Bao'an,shenzhen, China 518000
Tele: 86-755-29761915