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How will I keep track of my order progress when I submit an order?
OS-Store will keep you informed of your order via e-mail. Your tracking number also will be emailed to you once the item has been shipped.

You may also check our online order status page for live updates. If there are any problems with your order, you will receive an automated email from us immediately.

How long does it generally take to process an order?
Your order will be processed within 1~2 business days.

How to cancel an order? How should I do if I want to re-order it?

If you purchased by mistake or change mind, please be sure to contact os-store within 24 hours. If your parcel still don’t ship out, your order will be cancelled by the system. If parcel was shipped out, the order couldn’t be cancelled.

If you want to reorder a cancel order, please just go to ‘My Account’ and choose ‘Cancel’ to find the order you want to re-ordered.
Note: if the item is not available any more, there is no re-order function for it.

What’s frozen order? How should I do if my order was frozen?
If your account was suspicious to be used illegally or abnormally, all the orders placed by the account will be frozen. If you have any questions, just please contact with OS-Store by click the ‘Contact us’ button of the order.