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供货商  Supplier Notice

供货商请提供完整产品讯息 >>>

包含品名, 型号, 货况, 数量, 价格, 交期, 保固, 交货地点, 付款方式,如需出价竞标库存产品请特别告知

Supplier offer full information of products, pls.Include name, model, QTY, price, delivery, warranty, local, payment. If the item need bid, pls advice to us.

Please contact with purchaser >>>

Mail: [email protected] (Purchaser Manager)       

        [email protected] (Products Manager)


Professional Person >>>

计算机 / 相机类 Computer / Camera Products:                                  QQ: 1019351583             Mail: [email protected]

手机 / 电玩类 Mobile Phone / Video Game Products:                         QQ: 1482105716             Mail: [email protected]

摄影器材/ 礼品 / 杂项 Camera / Gifts / miscellaneous Products:          QQ: 793719713              Mail: [email protected]

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