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What information do I need to provide osstore when I call, chat or e-mail?
  • Sales Order Number
  • E-mail address ( ID -- only necessary if the above information is not known)
  • Customer Number
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How do I contact os-store?
Please use the following link to contact us at os-store:
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How can I subscribe to the os-store Newsletter?
1. When create an account,
2. When sign in,
3. After signed in.
How do I redeem os-store newsletter exclusive promo codes?
To redeem os-store newsletter exclusive promo codes you must be a subscriber to the os-store Newsletter. You will receive your first newsletter within a few days after you become a subscriber. If you have received an os-store newsletter before you became a subscriber you will be able to redeem valid offers 24 hours after subscribing. Click Subscriptions to subscribe and start saving today! Enter valid os-store promo codes in your shopping cart during the checkout process.
How can I unsubscribe from the os-store Newsletter?
To unsubscribe, please click on Subscriptions to enter your email address and select the unsubscribe to submit your request. Please be aware that it might take up to 10 days for us to completely remove your email address from our database. What types of exclusive promo codes are available to os-store Newsletter subscribers? There are two types of promo codes that are exclusive to newsletters and only redeemable by subscribers. These are fixed price promo codes and savings promo codes (these can be thought of as coupon codes).
How do I redeem a os-store promo code?
Enter your valid os-store promo code(s) in your shopping cart during the checkout process. The promo code field will be towards the bottom above the 'checkout' button. Please note you can only use one promo code per item.