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How to find out what I want.
1. If you are looking for the specific item, please input your keywords to find out what you want precisely.
2. If you are not sure exactly what you want, just browse the listings to get your needs.
3. Please choose the categories for narrowing the results.
4. Please use ‘Advanced Search’ for your needs exactly.

How to buy
OS-STORE supply many kinds of computer parts, cell phone parts, pet accessories, etc. Buy from os, please follow up the steps below.

Find an item

Enter keywords into the search box located at the top of any page, or browse through our list of categories page.

Learn about the item you want
Read the item description and shipping information carefully, if you have any questions about the products you are interested, please hit the ‘Ask a question’ to get answers.

Bid, buy it now or add to shopping cart
If you are ready to buy the item, input the quantities you need and press ‘buy it now ’ button to be ready to place the order,when you choose ‘commit to buy’, it means you have placed the order successfully; if you choose ‘add to cart’, you can update your shopping cart or be ready to place the order.

Select shipping information
When you are ready to place order, please finish your shipping address information and shipping method.Pay for the item After placing the order, you will be guided to the payment page to pay for it.

Note: If you are not a registered member, please become our members first for fast processing and excellent customer service.

How to ask questions when I am interested in an item?
There are several ways to ask questions when having problems about the item:
1. Choose online help to get instant answer
2. Clink the ‘contact us’ button on the top Menu at each page to select the instant one of the online help.
3. Email us
4. Hit the ‘contact us’ button on the top navigation at each page find email us area to submit your questions.
5. Send us a message
6. Go to ‘My Account’ and find ‘Message Center’ to write us a message.

How to bid
Go to Home page, find the Auction Products and select which you are interested and place your bid.If you won the item, it will be put into your shopping cart automatically, please pay for it within 24hours, otherwise, it will be cancelled automatically.

I won an item, but don’t want it any more, what should I do?
If you purchase it via ‘buy it now’, you can go to ’my account’ and select ‘All my buying’ find the order which you want to cancel, then clink ‘contact us’ to tell us the order # , we will cancel it for you within 24 hours. If you bid the item online or just add it to your shopping cart, please delete it.

How to find what I want is out of stock or no listing on OS-Store?
If you can’t find your favorite product information on the OS-Store, just please go to ‘My Account’ to find ‘Lists’ and select My want’ to input the information of the item you want.
If you find the product listing, but it’s out of stock, just hit the ‘Preorder’ button. We will deal with your request within 24 hours.