A+ Tea Huang JinGui Golden Osmanthus Uncooked Fragrance Oolong Fujian China Pure Natural Health

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乌龙茶系列茶叶 烏龍茶系列 차 お茶

чай ชา Tee herbata thé tsaa thee čaj teh chá çay τσάι té trà

Additional Information

Tea Name 黄金桂茶叶 HuangJinGui
Flavor Type 清香 Fragrance
Degree of Bake Uncooked
Years 一年内 Within 1 year
Origin Place 福建 FuJian, China


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leaf logo 來自中国的天然茶葉系列 ~ Natural China Tea Series

       ~ 教您如何自然養生 Teach you how to keep healthy ~


  • 茶叶最佳保鲜期为二年之内饮用, 超过二年茶叶的香气和味道均会降低
    The best Quality Guarantee Period of tea is within 2 years. if over the quality would be decreased.
  •  包装方式采用真空特殊锡箔袋封装,
     Package is Vacuum Packing for a special Tin.
  •  未喝完茶叶请将包装封口尽量避免与空气接触
     Remain tea has must be closed in packaging to avoid contact with air.
  • 生熟烘培度:  30%以下为生茶; 30-60%为半生熟 ; 60-80%为熟茶 ; 80%以上为老茶
     Bake degree:  Under 30% uncooked ; 30-60% half cooked ; 60-80% cooked ; 80% or more deep cooked.
  •   茶叶等级是依照叶形、香气、味道、回甘、茶底综合评比区分而来
     The level of tea is appraised through comparison by leaf shape, aroma, taste, feel mellow after tasting and tea dregs.
  •  顶级的茶叶必须达到茶叶肥厚、香气芬芳、茶汤甘醇、回味甜美、茶底明亮
  •  Top Tea is must be have hypertrophy leaf, fragrant aroma, mellow soup, feel mellow after tasting and bright tea dregs.
1A+ Basic Class 入门基本款式, 仅表现茶叶的基本品尝效果
It is getting started style and showed only the basic taste of the tea effect
2A+ Better Class  茶叶增加某类品尝效果和浸泡次数
(茶叶颗粒稍大 / 台湾高山茶一叶三心 10~20%)
Increase in certain types of tea taste effects and soak times
(The grain of tea is bigger / High-Mountain tea of a stem with 3 leaves is 10~20%)
3A+ Premium Class 此等级性价比最高,茶叶所有品尝效果全部上升, 送礼自用均合适
(手工摘采叶片完整 / 台湾高山茶一叶三心50~65%)
This class is the best cost-effective. All of the tea tasting effect are rise up. Gift for personal and use by myself both are appropriate.
(Complete leaves by hand-picking / High-Mountain tea of a stem with 3 leaves is 50~65%)
4A+ Anchor Class 茶叶某类品尝效果达到顶级, 其它效果也达到一定水平, 为健康养生和品茗的最佳选择
(经过人工挑选漂亮茶叶 / 高山茶一叶三心 80%)
Certain types of tea tasting achieve top, and other effects also reached a certain level. The best choice for health and enjoy.
(After manual selection of beautiful tea / High-Mountain tea of a stem with 3 leaves is 80% or more)
5A+ Top Class / Limit Edition 适合专业喝茶人士享用, 除了茶叶全部品尝效果达到顶级外, 还加强健康养生效果, 此类茶叶每年产量有限
(经过严选完美茶叶, 专业品尝鉴定 / 台湾高山茶一叶三心90%)
This class is suited to professional to enjoy. It is not only the tea taste effect reached the top, but also to strengthen health effects. The production is limited of this class in annual.
(After a strict selection of perfect tea, professional tasting identification / High-Mountain tea of a stem with 3 leaves is 90% or more)

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Tea Descrpation >>>

About the Oolong Tea:
As the country of tea, China has long, extensive and profound tea history, and presented tea as a good gift for years. Oolong Tea has excellent quality, its leaves ale thick and solid, it weighs as iron with dark and moist color, it has obvious sand green color with bright-colored red points. Its fragrance is noble-minded. long-lasting, strong and fresh, it has a unique "lingering charm" with a sweet and fragrant aftertaste; even after 7 times infusion it still has fragrance…it can be called the king of oolong tea.
In recent years, researches have found that Oolong tea is effective to beautify and strengthen the body, while Oolong Tea is even popular through Japan and Southeast Asia.

Get sealed and put in the cool cold place or refrigerator, with the tempreture of 0-18 degrees (Attention must be paid to: make sure the tea is sealed up, Do not put together with another odor, in case of taint of odour.

Functions / Health Benefits:
1. Anti-ageing;
2. Anti-cancer;
3. prevent arteriosclerosis;
4. avoid diabetes;
5. lose weight and strengthen the body;
6. prevent tooth decay;
7. anti-bacteria and treat diarrhoea;
8. reduce fever and remove pathogenic fire;
9. refresh and improve memory and concentration;
10. sober up and quit smoking.


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How to Steep >>>

Brewing vessel: Gaiwan(120cc) or Yixing tea pot(120cc)

Water: purified or mineral water is the best. 

Brewing guidelines: Gaiwan or Yixing pot (120cc):5-8grams per time (based on personal taste); the water temperature should be over 98C or 209 F.

1. Warm up--First to warm up the vessels, pour out the hot water;
2. Smell dried tea fragrance--Then put the teas in the vessels, cover the Gaiwan or Yixing pot, and shake the vessels for about 3 secontea, then smell the dried tea leaves aroma.
3. Wash the tea--Pour the hot water into the vessels and pour out the water within 8secontea; then smell the tea aroma on the lid first to enjoy the Oolong  flavor. It can`t drink in this step yet.
4. First infusion--pour the hot water into the vessels again, and steep for about 10-15 secontea(based on personal taste);
5. Coming infusion- the time for the successive infusion can be 3-5 secontea longer than the previous infusion.
Infusion time: at least 8 times.


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